Natural Headshots


"Working with Anthony was a pleasure! Having modeled for several years I was impressed with the efficiency and pace of the shoot. Anthony has a natural knack for finding the best light for your face and skin."
-- Carly

"Working with Anthony was a great experience. He's got a great eye and sense of how to help people feel at ease. I had fun working with him, which is a testament to his affability as a person and ability as a photographer."
-- John



Sessions and Pricing

One Look

One hour session
One look
One edited photo

PRICE | $150

Two Looks

Two hour session
Two looks
Two edited photos

PRICE | $275

Three Looks

Three hour session
Three looks
Three edited photos

PRICE | $350

Exclusive Offer

Book a Three Look session
for $400 & get unlimited
additional sessions
for $100 per look.

PRICE | $400*

Additional edited photos | $35 each
Makeup Styling (optional) | $50

*Pay an additional $50 when you book a Three Look session
and get $50 off One Look sessions for the rest of your career